Beveled Glass Orders

Please submit your patterns on white translucent paper. Regular 20 pound butcher paper or grid paper works well. If you are using a plotter, be sure to use a stable vellum and check your dimensions to be sure your lines haven't grown.

Templates should be cut from a minimum 40 lb. card stock. Clearly mark on your pattern which pieces you want beveled. This is not necessary if you are supplying stock bevels, cut and ready to bevel. All Bevels on the pattern are face up unless you specify (on the pattern) otherwise.

All lead lines must be drawn with a black permanent marker. Sharpie fine point permanent markers are our favorites and are easily obtained through most office supply stores. The more accurate and legible your lines are drawn the more accurate we'll be able to cut your glass. If you have a shaky hand, try using a straight edge, circle templates, oval templates and French curves to mark in your lead lines.